Laurence Ménard

Melany Bernier Photographe et mise en beauté Véronique Prud’homme
Photo update : it.
Measurements : it.
UDA: S-170524
12. Born in March 2011
On Screen Age: 12-14
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language(s): Quebec French, English with accent
Height: 152 cm /5 feet 0
Weight : 41 kgs/ 90 lbs
Clothing Size: 12-14
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown
Shoe Size: 5



2021-ongoing: Private coaching with Pascale Bussière,

2022 Acting training 2 with Réal Bossé

2022 Private coaching with Camille Desgagné

2022 Acting workshop with Mélanie Pilon

2022 Acting workshop with Réal Bossé et Martin Tremblay(15h)

2021-2022 Private coaching with Nathalie Mador and Valérie Cabana

2021 Scenes studies with Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Sophie Lorain, Nathalie Boutrie, Isabelle Thez-Axelrad et Marie-Charlotte Aubin

2021 MCR Workshop: casting training

2021 Acting workshop 1 with Liane Simard

2021 Private coaching with Martin Tremblay

2020 Commercial workshop 2 with Patrick Huneault


2023 Marion par-delà les bois, short film by Balint Demers, Principal, Marion

2023 Tout ce qui gronde,  short film by Ève St-Louis, Lead


2022 Les yeux fermés, tv series by Jeanne leblanc, Lead,  Élise

2022 Pornomania, short movie by Chloé Sirois, actor, Mélodie


2021 Rodéo, photodouble Lili


2019 TibbitsHills, short movie by Edith Jorisch, Non speaking role


2023 INTACT, principal

2019 Bright star USA, SOC

Voice Over/Dubbing

2021 Guylaine Tremblay, J'sais pas comment, j'sais pas pourquoi


2022 Aubainerie

Activities (Sports)

Horseback riding

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