Ines Feghouli

June 20th, 2010

Update photos : July 2020
Update measurements: June 2020

  • Age : 10
  • On screen age : 8-9
  • Language : French, English (perfectly bilingual)
  • Hair : brown
  • Eyes : brown
  • Height : 130 cm (51,6 inches, 4 feet 3)
  • Weight : 26,7Kg (58,8 lbs)
  • Clothing size : 8-9 years
  • Shoe size : 1
  • #UDA : S-144451
  • #ACTRA : 06-05759​



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2020 Skyline Performer Award Nomination “Best performance in a TV series” (Anne with an E)

2020 Young Artist Award Nomination “Best performance in a streaming series, recurring role” (Anne with an E)

2020 Young Artist Award Nomination “Best performance in a TV series, supporting role” (Première Ligne)

2019 Young Artist Award Nomination “Best performance in a commercial”

2015 “Coup de coeur” ICI for her scene “les métiers” in the webserie 7$ par jour


Education: Grade 5 (french) music studies, piano skills


2020 Spanish

2020 Kids animation voice work with Dawn Ford (EN)

2019 Acting training (Junior 2) with Dawn Ford (EN)

2019 Acting training (level 2) with Liane Simard (FR)

2019 Coaching with Anik Matern (EN)

2015-19 private coaching with Liane Simard (FR) and Karl Graboshas (EN)

2018 Voice work with Richard Dumont (EN)

2018 Acting training Josa Maule (MSOPA) 20h (EN)

2018 Coaching with Louise Boisvert (FR)

2017-2018 Commercial I and II and TV show I and II with Patrick Huneault (FR)

2016 Acting training with Liane Simard (FR)


2019 Kamila, dir. Joyce Fuerza Principal role, Kamila

2019 LUNE, actor, Chadia

2019 Lâcher Prise, actor, piano kid

2019 Les pays d’en haut, actor, fourchu’s daughter

2019 Fatherhood, actor, other girl

2019 Anne with an E, principal recurring, Sandie Baynard

2019 Delphine, dir. Chloé Robichaud, lead role, Nicole (Mostra del Cinema Venezia 2019 and TIFF 2019 (winner), FNC)


2018 My worst nightmare, dir. Chris Carter actor, Saya

2018 Recrue, dir. P.P. Chevigny  Lead, Ines (Talent tout court, Cannes 2019 and TIFF 2019, namur festival, FNC)

2018 Pet Sematary, actor

2018 Simon dit, Lead role, Alicia


2017 Première ligne,  principal

2017 Le psychopathe, Lead, Ines


2016 Cuisine fûtée guest

2016 Art of More, actor, Sophie’s friend

2016 Mémoires Vives, actor, Giuliana’s friend


2015 7$ par jour principal, Ines

2014-2015 19-2 actor

2013 l’Empress of Ireland, non speaking role


2019 Centraide (virtual reality)

2019 Kijiji principal


2018 Place des Arts (2018 Christmas card) principal

2018 Maxi principal

2018 Via Rail, SOC


2017 The walking dead (jeu)  principal

2017 Commission de la construction du Québec principal

2017 Sports Experts background


2014 CLC Health Care actor

2013 Country Harvest actor

Voice over/Dubbing

2018 Samedi et rien d’autre (Joël Le Bigot, radio Canada) toutes les voix unies pour la Guignolée du Dr Julien (choeur)

2018 Global Me language and technology speach recognition for Alexa

2018 Fée, Alicia

2018 Vaccination campaigns, government of Canada (EN, FR)

2017 Fruitsations (FR)

2016 Mon ami Bulle (FR) – Les Pétichons

2014 The girl and the robot (EN) – The girl

Activities (Arts)

Intermediate level

2016- now  Piano (music-studies)


2016-now  Drum

2016-now  Choir (music-studies)

2018-2019 Ukulele, Xylophone,Flute (music-studies)

Activities (sports)

Advanded level

2019-2020 Karaté blue-green belt

Intermediate level

2015-2020  Skiing

2014-2020 Ice skating (no figure)

2014-17  Swimming (junior 5 completed)

Occasional hobbies:

2019 Parkour (10 weeks)

Yoga, Hip hop, rafting, horse riding, zumba, kung-fu (summer camp)